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Akaki Controllers

Squid-Con for Nintendo Switch

Squid-Con for Nintendo Switch

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Play Switch one-handed. The Squid-Con allows you to reach all buttons and joysticks your Joy-Cons with just one hand. Use with either right or left hand.

Slide your Joy-Cons into this adapter, and transform them into an ergonomic and ambidextrous one-handed controller.

Use your thumb or index finger for one joystick, your pinky for the other joystick, and the other fingers to hit on the ABXY face buttons and the R,L,ZR,ZL shoulder buttons. The directional buttons can be hit with either your thumb or your little finger, depending on your handedness.

Watch the video to see it in action

The two side-buttons that can be assigned to any button using your Switch console settings.

The bottom of the device has threads to mount it on a tripod thread, or an AMPS mounting system.

Package includes the Squid-Con adapter, adhesive foam feet, and an instructions manual. Joy-Cons are not included.

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