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Akaki Controllers

One-handed Xbox Series X|S attachment

One-handed Xbox Series X|S attachment

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Play Xbox games with one hand using the Akaki One-Handed Attachment, designed specifically for the Xbox Series X and S wireless controller. The innovative snap-on attachment allows you to play your favorite games with just one hand, without any modifications to your existing controller. Available for both left and right-handed gamers.

*Please note that a controller is not included.

How it works

Hold the controller with one hand, and rest the rubber roller at the bottom of the controller on a table or your lap. By moving the controller and dragging on the rubber roller, you control the secondary thumbstick. To push buttons, reach for the button extensions that bring all face and shoulder buttons close to your fingertips.


  • Easily attached and removed
  • Control the thumbstick by moving the entire controller
  • Easy access to all face and shoulder buttons with button extensions
  • Includes attachment, leg strap and rubber bands for extra stick tension

In the box

Left and right-handed version are different. Both sets included the attachment itself, a leg strap, and some rubber bands for stick tension (rubber bands not pictured).

Left-handed version

Right-handed version

To adjust the thumbstick centering force, use the included rubber band. The rubber band helps bring the stick back to its neutral position more decisively.


When ordering, please choose your handedness.

 😁🤚 If you use your left hand to play, choose For left-handed use

😁  If you use your right hand to play, choose For right-handed use


An Xbox controller is not included.

This attachment will not fit the Xbox One controller from the older Xbox One consoles. An Xbox One version is available here.

The left-handed version covers the USB charging port. The attachment must be removed in order to plug a cable into the USB port. Both versions cover the accessory port in the front of the controller. The right-handed version covers the audio port.

External battery packs on the back of the controller will likely conflict with the attachment. The attachment is designed to be used with the controller in its original configuration.

The color might vary, depending on what color plastic is available. Most of our stock is black, white, and gray.

Design Updates

The design has been updated over time to improve functionality and user experience. Some videos and photos may show previous models. Key updates include a more grippy roller design.

To see the Akaki One-Handed Attachment in action, check out this YouTube video:


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