About Akaki Controllers

Akaki Controllers provides one-handed game controller attachments designed to make gaming more accessible for everyone.

The Products

6 different Akaki one-handed controllers

Akaki Controllers offers a range of custom-designed one-handed controller attachments for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Switch. The attachments snap on to the controller, modifying the controller without damaging it. The designs are frequently updated based on user feedback, aiming to provide the best possible gaming experience.


The one-handed attachment began as a design project and an entry to a design contest at the Controller Poject in early 2022. The first design was a one-handed PS5 attachment. Below is a video showcasing the first design.

Based on feedback received after the first design, I improved the design and adapted the same mechanism for PS4, Xbox, and Switch. If you wish to follow my design process, you might find the below videos interesting.


The Goal

Gaming should be a fun, inclusive, and enjoyable experience for everyone. Unfortunately, game consoles have very limited options for different controllers. Infact, all game controllers look so similar, there is only one emoji that covers them all:


There is no technical reason why all game consoles and all games should only use a one-size-fits all controller. I would love to see game consoles support any USB Human Interface Device as a controller, just as PC games already do. Until that day, my goal is to provide snap-on solutions for one-handed gaming.

Leave Feedback

If you have a suggestion on how to improve the current designs, or an idea for a different accessibility device, please write in. The current designs have multiple features and upgrades that were based on user feedback. Because the products are mostly produced with 3D printers, the design can be updated and changed frequently.