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Akaki Controllers

One-Handed Switch Joy-Con attachment

One-Handed Switch Joy-Con attachment

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Play Nintendo Switch games with one hand.

Insert your Joy-Cons into this adapter, and you use all buttons on both Joy-Cons with just one hand. Available for left and right-handed gamers.

The One-Handed Switch Joy-Con attachment offers accessibility and convenience with its snap-on design. This attachment provides a one-handed option for gamers with limited mobility, enabling them to enjoy their favorite Switch games with enhanced control.

To move the other thumbstick, you rest the device on the table or your lap, and drag it around. Dragging the device forward moves the thumbstick up; dragging the device to the right moves the thumbstick right, and so on.

Mechanical linkages migrate the buttons next to your fingertips.
The face buttons (D-pad / ABXY) are accessible to the thumb on the front face of the adapter, as well to the middle and ring fingers behind the controller.

The shoulder buttons are accessible to the middle and ring finger on the grip.
To push in on the second thumbstick, press the whole adapter down.

See it in action in this video:

The design has changed since the above video. The fabric roller underneath has been replaced by a more grippy rubber ball.

The package includes the adapter, and an optional hand strap and a leg strap. Joy-Cons are not included.

(Right-handed version pictured)

 😁🤚 If you use your left hand to play, choose For left-handed use

😁  If you use your right hand to play, choose For right-handed use

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